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Rose Gua Sha | Natural Lifting Tool


In your bathroom: 4-6 days

For all skin types

Naturally Beautiful. With your Rosental Beauty Roller and Hyaluron Supreme Serum, you will experience how simple and uncomplicated skin care can be. The Hyaluron Supreme set hydrates your skin with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid (1-2%), plumps it up and gives it a beautiful, natural glow.


  • ✨ Regeneration & Vitality
    The application of the Beauty Roller on the skin activates the self-healing powers and promotes the blood circulation of your skin, making it rosier and more relaxed. As the skin pores are opened by rolling, the absorption of creams and serums is supported and improved.

  • 🌱 Well-Aging
    The moisture content of the skin is one of the hallmarks of youthful skin. Thanks to highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, your skin is provided with intense moisture, which plumps and smoothes it. In addition to the immediate lifting effect, lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced in the long term.

  • 💚 Detox without additives
    In addition to the relaxation effect on the facial muscles, the rolling movement stimulates the lymphatic system and thus releases an existing lymph congestion. This removes harmful substances, cleanses the skin from the inside and reduces acne and impurities.

  • 💎 Healing stone effect
    The energy stone transfers its positive vibrations to the skin on contact. It relieves tension and stress in the body, supports the wound healing process in case of skin irritations & acne and tightens with regular use.

  • Hyaluronic acid
    Basically, hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind large amounts of water in the body (1gr HA binds up to 6l of water) and, as a "filler" between the individual skin cells, ensures that water is permanently stored in the connective tissue of the skin. As it is an active ingredient produced naturally in the body, HA is hypoallergenic, does not clog the pores and allows the skin to breathe. We use both short-chain (low-molecular: up to 50 kD) and long-chain (high-molecular: from 1500kD) hyaluronic acid to sustainably replenish your skin's moisture stores. .

  • Rose quartz
    Rose quartz is considered the healing stone of love and fertility. After a strenuous day, it relieves tension in your body, soothes your stressed facial skin and pampers you with its cooling effect. After just a short time of use, your complexion will be beautifully rosy and your skin supple and firm.

  • Amethyst
    Amethyst is considered a healing stone of purity for body and soul. The use of amethyst soothes irritated skin and has been used against impure skin since Hildegard von Bingen 1000 years ago. It has a clarifying effect, has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps against redness and pimples. 

  • Schwarze Jade
    The healing stone is said to have a calming effect. Jade gives stability, mindfulness and calm and is ideal for relaxing and taking a break from everyday life. On the skin, black jade soothes and de-stresses the facial skin, helps against redness and strengthens the connective tissue.


  • Apply Hyaluron Serum
    Apply 4-6 drops to cleansed face in the morning and evening (also suitable for neck & décolleté). Distribute the serum slightly and pat it in lightly.

  • Activate skin
    The serum works best when you activate your skin with the Beauty Roller. Place the roller in the middle of the face and roll it horizontally towards the ears with light pressure. Use the small side of the roller under the eyes.

  • For even more glow
    To make your skin even more radiant, you can continue the lymphatic drainage. Work your way down the cheeks to the chin. Use the large side of the roller. On the forehead, place the roller in the middle and roll outwards towards the temples.


  • Aqua, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Alcohol*, Betaine, Sodium Hyaluronate

  • Made with ❤️ in Salzburg.

  • *Certified organic

  • Our Beauty Rollers are each made of 💎 100% naturally mined Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Black Jade, treated by one of the oldest & best traditional houses in China.


  • 🚫 Without mineral oils, parabens, paraffins, PEGs, silicones and sulphates.

  • 🚫 Without artificial fragrances, colours and preservatives.

  • 🌿 100% natural ingredients.

  • 🐰 100% animal-test-free.

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