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Face Yoga Essentials

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Face Yoga for all skin types

Naturally Beautiful! With our Face Yoga Essentials, you can not only train away annoying wrinkles around your mouth, eyes, etc., but also prevent them from appearing in the first place.

Yoga for your face

The workout tools to your workout routine!

Face Yoga was allegedly invented by the Japanese woman Takatsu, when she applied the principles of Hatha Yoga to the facial muscles in order to strengthen her facial skin. In fact, of the 57 muscles in our face, 26 are responsible for our facial expressions - we move 16 of them alone when we laugh. However, since any movement of these muscles promotes the natural formation of wrinkles in the long run, face yoga and the use of skincare tools can help slow down or even prevent this process. As with body workouts, exercise tools can help make your exercises more efficient for better long-term results. Therefore, use the healing power of our natural skincare tools to exercise, massage and relax your facial muscles.

Gua Sha: For stronger activation of your facial muscles through deep massage.

Beauty Roller: Massage tool for relaxing muscles & stimulating lymph flow.

Treat problem areas on the face even more efficiently and specifically - for healthy, smooth skin full of elasticity and tone!

  • Regeneration & Vitality
    Activates the self-healing powers and promotes blood circulation in your skin, making it rosier and more relaxed.

  • Anti-Aging
    The skin's own elastin and collagen formation is stimulated. This makes the skin more elastic, plumper & small wrinkles are smoothed - for a natural lifting effect!

  • Detox without additives
    The lymphatic system is stimulated by the beauty tools, whereby the skin is cleansed from the inside and harmful pollutants are removed.

  • Healing stone effect
    The energy stone transmits positive vibrations upon contact with the skin. It relieves tension & stress in the body and tightens with regular use.


Beauty Roller

  1. Prepare
    Apply a face serum before using the roller.

  2. De-Puff
    SPlace the roller in the middle of the face and roll it horizontally with light pressure in the direction of the ears. Use the small side of the roller under the eyes.

  3. De-Stress
    Work your way down the cheeks to the chin. Use the large side of the roller here. On the forehead, place the roller in the middle and roll outwards towards the temples.

Gua Sha

  1. Prepare
    Apply a skin oil before applying the gua sha.

  2. Detox
    Move the gua sha from the chin down along the neck to stimulate lymphatic flow.

  3. Activate
    Place the Gua Sha in the middle of the face and pull it with light pressure along your jaw towards your ears. Work your way up the cheeks to the eye area. Use the notched side of the Gua Sha for the eye area. On the forehead, place the Gua Sha in the middle and pull it outwards towards the temples and hairline.

Key Ingredients

Rose quartz
Rose quartz soothes and relaxes the skin of the face and immediately restores its radiance.

Full Ingredients

Beauty Roller
100% Rose quarz, Jade & Obsidian. Since the healing stones used are natural products, each Beauty Roller is unique and can therefore look different in terms of grain & coloring.

Gua Sha
Since the healing stones used are natural products, each Gua Sha is unique and can therefore look different in terms of grain & coloring.

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Our mission is the production of pure and genuine organic skincare products. We do not use artificial additives or other external influences, such as heating or neutralizing the associated odours or colors with fragrances or dyes, in order to not deprive the raw materials of their original effect.

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