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Black Empress | Radiant & Smooth Skin


 No more dark eye circles & puffy eyes
 Activates the skin – lymph drainage
 Skin tightening & reduces wrinkles
 Black Jade for natural smoothness & Glow
 De-stress healing stone effect

🌿 100% natual 🐰 animal testing-free
🚚 Immediately available


The Facial Roller can be used at any time and any number of times. To see visible results, however, you should destress for 5-10 minutes at least 5 times a week…


Ideally, you should thoroughly clean your facial skin before use. Then apply the Hyaluron Supreme Serum and massage it in gently with the Jade Roller. The natural ingredients of the Hyaluron Supreme Serum unfold extremely well, as the skin can absorb them ideally.


Important: always roll from the inside out and avoid rolling back and forth with the roller!

To use, place the roller in the middle of your face next to the nostrils and roll it horizontally towards the temples/ears with light pressure. It is best to use the small side of the scooter directly under the eyes. Then work your way down the cheeks to the chin. Use the big side of the roller. At the forehead, place the roller in the middle and roll out towards the temples. Finally apply the roller around the mouth. Roll gently over upper lip, lower lip and chin. A double chin can be reduced by rolling vertically from chin to clavicle. Of course, you can also extend the treatment to the neck and décolleté. Simply roll the large side of the roller over the neck to the hairline and from the chin down to the décolleté. Focus on the areas where you have small wrinkles, around the eyes for example.

In summer: Keep the roller in the fridge, so the effect will be even better and the roller will also work as a stimulant.
In winter: Put the roller on the heater for a little while and enjoy the pleasant warmth on the cold winter skin.

The Black Empress Roller for the skin is made of rare, 100% natural black jade. Processed by a traditional Chinese company, it unfolds the full effect of the 5000-year-old beauty secret of black jade

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