How to use
Jade- & Rose Quartz Rollers

Massage effect

The Rosental Originals Facial Rollers are ideal for massaging and relaxing the facial skin as well as the underlying muscles. By rolling over the face, warmth is generated, which in turn improves the metabolic processes of the skin and muscles.

This can be explained as follows: The heat expands the blood vessels in the massage area. An improvement in the circulation situation means more oxygen and other important substances for skin and muscles that are needed to relax them. Tension often occurs when structures are undersupplied. For example, a person who has a lot of stress often tenses the facial muscles strongly. This means that these muscles have to work more than they are used to or are designed for. The consequence of the permanent strain is a loss of substance, since the normal supply is no longer sufficient for this activity. To counteract this, the Rosental Original Facial Rollers are the perfect choice. They improve the metabolic processes of the skin and facial muscles through their massage effect. Due to the two different sides, all parts of the face can be treated optimally.

Care effect

As mentioned above, the Rosental Original Facial Rollers stimulate the blood circulation of the skin, which opens the pores. Due to the generated warmth and increased blood circulation of the skin, the skin is more receptive to subsequent care products. Therefore, a facial massage can ideally be followed by facial care. Now the skin can absorb serums such as the Hyaluron Supreme – Organic Anti Aging Serum or SilverHydrate Daily Essential Moisturizer from Rosental particularly well. Another possibility is to use the Facial Roller when working in care products. The face care can easily be rolled up with the Facial Roller. Cloth facial masks, such as the Advanced Anti Aging Mask from Rosental Organics, are particularly suitable here. The mask can be perfectly adapted to the individual shape of the face and the ingredients can be worked into the skin during a facial massage with the roller.

Lymph effect

Medically and cosmetically, the Rosental Orginals Facial Rollers benefit the lymph drainage effect. If used correctly and systematically along the lymphatic channels in the face, the Facial Rollers can have a decongestant effect and accelerate wound healing. This is very useful if the skin has been cleansed, for example with Konjac sponges or Pretty Clean facial soap from Rosental Organics.

If the skin shows pimples or is simply irritated or reddened after cleansing, rolling with the Facial Rollers can unfold its effect particularly well. By accelerating wound healing, the spots heal faster and skin irritations are reduced. Everyone knows swollen eyes in the morning. Here, the lymph drainage with the Facial Rollers can absorb the lymph fluid accumulated overnight. The roller is of medical interest when it comes to treatments or procedures that cause severe swelling of the face.

In such cases, the rollers can ideally be given to the patient as a homework assignment, provided that the exact application along the lymphatic tract is explained and shown to him in advance. Wherever swellings occur during surgery, there are always damaged structures that heal. Due to the lymph effect, the Facial Rollers can also optimize the healing process after facial surgeries.