Rosental Organics

Perfect skin and a radiant, natural glow – every day!

We want you and your skin to glow in a completely natural way. Our products activate the self-healing powers of your body and let your skin heal. Skin problems are solved in a gentle and sustainable way – your skin is not only beautiful, but healthy!

We not only make your skin beautiful, but also healthy!

Organic cosmetics

Natural cosmetics. Pure ingredients. Cruelty-free.

Our mission is the production of pure and genuine organic skincare products. In order to discover the original secrets of natural beauty, we have gone on a treasure hunt in the remotest areas of the world. There, where nature was still pure and untouched, we found plants and raw materials whose effect had long been forgotten.


Pure ingredients

Pure and natural processing.

We do not use artificial additives or other external influences, such as heating or neutralizing the associated odours or colors with fragrances or dyes, in order to not deprive the raw materials of their original effect. Since we rely exclusively on the preservative substances derived from the plants, our products have a natural shelf life of 12 months. But it is worth it!

Fair conditions

Not just you or us, but everyone should feel good!

That’s why we make sure that our cosmetic products are manufactured under fair conditions. We select our suppliers with the greatest care and support our producers in the respective country. For example, by purchasing our hair oil you are supporting a women’s cooperative in Morocco. This way we not only make your skin, but also the world a “better place”!