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Destress for all skin types

Our bestsellers the Rose Queen Beauty Roller and the Rose Gua Sha made from 100% naturally mined rose quartz ensure a radiant complexion and relaxed skin.

De-stress for the skin

Rose quartz is considered the healing stone of self-love & harmony. Using rose quartz soothes and de-stresses facial skin, instantly restoring its radiance, so use the healing power of our natural skincare tools to exercise, massage and relax your facial muscles.

Gua Sha: For a stronger activation of your facial muscles through deep massage.

Beauty Roller: Massage tool for the relaxation of the musculature & stimulation of the lymph flow.

Now treat problem areas on the face even more efficiently and specifically - for healthy, smooth skin full of elasticity and resilience!


  • ✨ Regeneration & Vitality
    The application of the Beauty Roller on the skin activates the self-healing powers and promotes the blood circulation of your skin, making it rosier and more relaxed. As the skin pores are opened by rolling, the absorption of creams and serums is supported and improved.

  • 🌱 Anti-Aging
    Deep massage with the Gua Sha leads to a stronger activation of your facial muscles. Its application helps with tension, tense lymphs and stiff fasciae. The result: accentuated cheek and jaw bones, plumper facial skin and an immediate as well as long-term lifting effect through effective muscle training.

  • 💚 Detox without additives
    In addition to the relaxation effect on the facial muscles, the rolling movement stimulates the lymphatic system and thus releases an existing lymph congestion. This removes harmful substances, cleanses the skin from the inside and reduces acne and impurities.

  • 💎 Healing stone effect
    The energy stone transfers its positive vibrations to the skin on contact. It relieves tension and stress in the body, supports the wound healing process in case of skin irritations & acne and tightens with regular use.


  • Rose quartz
    Rose quartz is considered the healing stone of love and fertility. After a strenuous day, it relieves tension in your body, soothes your stressed facial skin and pampers you with its cooling effect. After just a short time of use, your complexion will be beautifully rosy and your skin supple and firm.



  1. Prepare
    Apply a face serum before using the roller.

  2. De-Puff
    Place the roller in the centre of the face and roll it horizontally with light pressure towards the ears. Use the small side of the roller under the eyes.

  3. De-Stress
    Work your way down the cheeks to the chin. Use the large side of the roller. On the forehead, place the roller in the middle and roll outwards towards the temples.


  1. Prepare
    Apply a skin oil before applying the Gua Sha.

  2. Detox
    Run the Gua Sha from the chin down along the neck to stimulate the lymph flow.

  3. Activate
    Place the Gua Sha in the centre of the face and pull it with light pressure along your jaw towards your ears. Work your way up the cheeks to the eye area. Use the notched side of the Gua Sha for the eye area. On the forehead, place the Gua Sha in the middle and pull it outwards towards the temples and hairline.


  • Beauty Roller: As the healing stones used are natural products, each Beauty Roller is unique and can therefore look different in terms of grain and colour.

  • Gua Sha: As the healing stones used are natural products, each Gua Sha is unique and can therefore look different in terms of grain & colouring.

  • .
  • Our Beauty Rollers are made of 💎 100% naturally mined rose quartz, treated by one of the oldest & best traditional houses in China.


  • 🚫 Without mineral oils, parabens, paraffins, PEGs, silicones and sulphates.

  • 🚫 Without artificial fragrances, colours and preservatives.

  • 🌿 100% natural ingredients.

  • 🐰 100% free of animal testing.

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