Shipping costs and delivery information:


The flat rate for shipping and handling within Germany ist 3.90 EUR, within the European Union 6.90 EUR and includes VAT.

Due to delivery problems during the COVID-19 crisis, orders to the United States will cost 14.90 EUR.

Free delivery within the European Union is offered for orders over 50.00 EUR.

The prices mentioned on the product pages include the legal value added tax and other price components.

If the consignment is not picked up at the post office, wrong adress information was entered during the check-out process or the entered name could not be found on the door, a return-fee of 15.00 EUR will be charged. If the consignment is to be delivered again, a total fee of 9.90 EUR is due, which must be paid before the new consignment is sent.

All orders outside the European Union do not contain VAT and may be registered with the local customs.