Rosental Beauty

Rose Quartz Infused Water

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 Enjoy water & tea on the go
 Certified and 100% natural
 Gemstone water within 10 sec.
 Classy rose gold design
 5 Sets: Beauty, Boost, Night, Skinny & Spirit

🌿 100% natural 

Tea preparation Cold/Hot Brew

    1. For cold-brewed tea you need twice the amount of tea leaves (approx. 4 well heaped teaspoons) as for a hot infusion.
    2. Then add cold water. The aromas develop most effectively in soft and oxygen-rich water.
    3. Leave the infusion to steep, preferably in the refrigerator overnight.
    4. Pour into the bottle and enjoy!


    1. Fill the bottle with fresh & cool cool (non-carbonated) water or cold-brewed tea.
    2. For charging the water, shake vigorously for approx. 10 seconds.
    3. IMPORTANT! Afterwards, leave to stand for about 1 minute.
    4. Enjoy the water and your day ❤️

Why Cold Brew?

When brewing tea with hot boiling water, the most important ingredients are directly destroyed and thus the positive effects of the tea are largely neutralized. Thanks to the Cold Brew method, the important selected ingredients are completely preserved and can fully unfold.

Rose Quartz Water Bottle:

Each bottle is equipped with a rose quartz obelisk fixed to a base. Capacity: 500ml. The bottle is not suitable for the dishwasher.

GreenTox® teas:

Beauty : Green Tea Fruit Herbal Blend - Pomegranate-Mint Button

Pomegranate mint flavor ingredients: Green Tea China Sencha*, green

mint*, ginger*, goji berry*, natural flavour, turmeric*, pomegranate*,

Rose petals*.


Skinny: Green Tea Fruit Herbal Blend - Lemon Button

Green Tea China Sencha*, Mate green*,

Lemongrass*, White Tea Pai Mu Tan*, Nettle*, Lemon Peel*,

Moringa leaves*, natural aroma.


BOOST: Green Tea Fruit Herbal Blend - Lemon Apricot Button

Green Tea China Gunpowder*, White Tea Pai Mu Tan*, Mate green*, Lemongrass*, Lemon Peel*,

natural flavor, mallow*, guarana*, spirulina*, green tea Matcha*.


Spirit: Green Tea Fruit Herbal Blend - Lime Button

Lemongrass*, White Tea Pai Mu Tan*, Green

Tea China Chun Mee*, verbena*, balm*, liquorice root*, lime blossoms*,




Nettle*, balm*, chamomile*,

Moringa leaves*, green mint*, green tea bancha*, natural flavour,

Coconut*, valerian*, wheatgrass*.


*From controlled organic cultivation

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