Rosental Beauty

Rose Gua Sha | Natural Lifting Tool


 Detox effect for the skin
 Stimulates the skin | Intensive lymphatic drainage
 Tightens facial skin & reduces wrinkles
 Anti Aging – Pushes Collagen Production
 De-Stress: Relaxes face muscles

🌿 100% natural 🐰 no animal testing
🚚 Immediately available

Use the Rose Gua Sha 1-2 times a week in the evening before using a serum/oil. Approximately 5 minutes and then your face will be slightly reddened, which is a very good sign because the skin then is well-activated.

Ideally, you should cleanse your facial skin thoroughly before use. Then apply the Hyaluron Supreme Serum and massage it in with pressure + Rose Gua Sha. Thus, the natural active substances of the Hyaluron unfold extremely well, because the skin can absorb them ideally.

Place the Rose Gua Sha in the middle of your face and then slide with pressure (may be a little tighter) constantly along the face up to the ears. For different applications we have developed different shapes on the stone for respective facial areas. The notch is for the chin area, the flat sides for the cheeks and forehead.

Cheeks and neck Tightening & Destress:
Use the notched side to slide with the Rose Gua Sha along your chin, while the short and smooth side is for your neck. The two longer sides are for the cheeks.

Forehead De-Stress:
Slide with the short, smooth side from the middle of the forehead to the ear. 3-6 repetitions per spot with pressure.

Better circulation / activation for serum & oil:
Slide with one of the long sides along the cheeks to the neck.

Against Puffy Eyes:
With the cooled rose Gua Sha, stroke from under the eyes up to the ears.

Always only in one direction from the midpoint of the face to the outside.

The Rose Gua Sha consists of 100% natural rose quartz for a full development of its effect as a protective and healing stone.

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