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Face Yoga for all skin types

Your dream team for detoxified and hydrated skin: Hydrating Oil & a Gua Sha

With the intensely hydrating effect of the purely vegetable face oil made from 100% olives, the rich oil keeps your skin from drying out, minimises lines & dryness wrinkles in the long term and leaves your skin feeling silky soft thanks to its light, non-greasy texture. The Gua Sha are made from 100% naturally mined rose quartz or amethyst.  

Let's do some face yoga, honey!

The Hydrating Oil is the perfect addition to your daily face yoga routine. Applied as an essential base before the exercises, they not only ensure a more efficient activation & strengthening of your facial muscles, but also develop their maximum effect through the incorporation with the help of the tools. For a healthy, revitalised complexion, thanks to the combination of skin-caring ingredients and regenerating deep massage.


  • 💧 Holy Hydration
    The moisture content of the skin is one of the hallmarks of youthful skin Squalane reduces your skin's natural water loss and improves long-term hydration. The intensive moisture retention and supply plumps up your skin from the inside, minimises dryness lines and prevents the formation of wrinkles in a natural way.

  • ✨ Silky soft, healthy skin
    Thanks to its antioxidant properties, squalane oil protects against free radicals and other harmful environmental influences and strengthens the skin's own barrier. The light, non-greasy texture gives your skin a silky soft, radiant finish without clogging pores.

  • 🌱 Anti-Aging
    The deep massage with the Gua Sha leads to a stronger activation of your facial muscles Its application helps with tension, tense lymphs and stiff fasciae. The result: accentuated cheek and jaw bones, plumper facial skin and immediate as well as long-term lifting effect through effective muscle training.

  • 💎 Healing stone booster
    The energy stone relieves tension and stress in the body, supports the wound healing process in the case of skin irritations & acne and tightens with regular use The Hydrating Oil supports the effect of the Gua Sha: pollutants are removed more quickly and it allows the active ingredients of your skin care products to be absorbed more quickly into the skin. 


  • (Phyto-)squalan
    Obtained from olive oil press residues, phytosqualan is a colourless and completely odourless oil of purely vegetable origin It is absolutely non-irritant, particularly skin-friendly and therefore suitable for all skin types. It ensures that the skin's own lipids do not oxidise, which as a component of the hydro-lipid film ensure that our skin does not dry out. Due to its light consistency, the oil is also particularly suitable for oily, blemish-prone skin.

  • Rose quartz/Amethyst
    After a strenuous day, it relieves tension in your body, soothes your stressed facial skin and pampers you with its cooling effect After just a short time of use, your complexion will be beautifully rosy and your skin supple and firm.


  • Prepare
    Warm 3-5 drops of the oil between your palms by rubbing and gently massage into cleansed skin of face, neck & décolleté.

  • Detox
    Apply the Gua Sha at a shallow angle & run from the chin down the neck to stimulate lymph flow.

  • Activate
    Place the Gua Sha flat in the centre of your face, fix the centre of your face with your other hand and pull the tool with light pressure along your jaw towards your ears Work your way up the cheeks to the eye area. Use the notched side of the gua sha for the eye area. On the forehead, place the Gua Sha flat in the middle and pull it outwards towards the temples and hairline.IMPORTANT: Always pull the Gua Sha from the centre of the face outwards!

  • Tip: For an extra dose of moisture, you can also mix it into your day and night cream.

  • Good to know: Waterproof make-up can be easily removed with the oil


  • Hydrating Oil (30ml): 100% Squalane (olive). Made in Spain. (Quantity: 30ml)

  • Gua Sha:

    As the rose quartz/amethyst used is a natural product, each Gua Sha is unique and can therefore look different in terms of grain and colour.

    Attention: Our Gua Sha's are very filigree manufactured tools, however, they cannot withstand a fall on tiles etc., therefore please always store them safely in the bathroom.


  • 🚫 Without mineral oils, parabens, paraffins, PEGs, silicones and sulphates.

  • 🚫 Without artificial fragrances, colours and preservatives.

  • 🌿 100% natural ingredients.

  • 🐰 Peta Approved.

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